Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventures with Gramma and Pops

It was spring break for many schools in Texas and all across the country, but being the adults that we are with no school-age children, it was just another week...but a little more special since Gramma and Pops came to visit Emerson (and us). That gave us a great excuse to get out and play!

A glimpse of our week...
Play time with Pops!
Just a happy boy cruising along the furniture.
Reading his new book "Sheep in a Jeep"
One of his favorite new games to play...Peek-A-Boo behind our curtains
Emerson loved playing in his new car seat, although not a big fan of sitting in it while its in the car : )
Time to play outside and get our hands dirty
I just love this photo. A little blurry, but this as the reaction Emerson had when Jesse came home.

Gramma brought us Jesse's first birthday outfit to try on Emerson. He was so cute in it!

Playing with his new toy, a sensory board.

Despite his face, Emerson had a great time at the zoo and it was a beautiful day

Our final stop while they visited was the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

What a great "spring break" we all had!


  1. Great visit, but I can't stop missing you all! Well, mostly Emerson.

    1. Well, he certainly misses you all too...and being spoiled : ) Good thing we have another visit coming up soon!


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