Sunday, December 21, 2014

BB2 Month 8

I. Feel. Huge!

Those three words pretty much sum up the past month. I am to the point where my body feels done with this pregnancy, but my brain is yelling "YOU'RE NOT READY!" My guess is my body will win before my brain does : )

Around 33 weeks, BB2 dropped down lower, giving me more breathing room and less painful kicks to the ribs.

At 34 weeks, I had another ultrasound done to take a final peek at baby to check his position. Unfortunately, I haven't met with my doctor since, so I don't know much of the results and the technician couldn't tell me anything since it wasn't an ultrasound done at my doctors office. However, I did get a call from the nurse saying everything looked fine and I was cleared for Christmas travel. I guess I'll find out all the other details at my next appointment.

By 35 weeks, my face has really started to swell. Got to love those chipmunk cheeks : )


  • My acne does not seem as bad this time around. There is still a month to go, but so far it's been mild compared to last time. 
  • I am having a little bit more swelling in my hands and legs, but it seems to be normal.
  • My Braxton Hicks contractions haven't seemed to be as prominate this month compared to last month.
  • We travel to Knoxville for Christmas. This will be my last trip before baby arrives!
  • Nesting definitely set in this month. I have been checking things off my list left and right...I have also been adding to it, so my list still has a lot of marking off to go, but I feel much better about going into Christmas with all that I have accomplished to prepare for this baby's arrival.
  • Baby's crib and rocker have been bought. The baby's room is coming right along.
  • We still don't have a name picked out! Better come up with one fast.  
  • Jesse and I go on what we think is our "last" date night out with just one child. Thankfully our church had a parents-night-out and we were able to enjoy a nice dinner just the two (technically three) of us.  

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  1. Ready...Set...Go! I love that this was posted at 12 am. Getting ready for late nights!


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