Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fall Festivities, 2014

Tis the be very busy! And I love every minute of it. Especially knowing I get to lay my head down at the end of the day and sleep : )

We have had several fun fall festivities this year so I'll just start at the beginning:

1) Trip to Virgina for my college roommates wedding. This was a solo trip (probably last one I'll get to take for a long time), and I had such a good time catching up with old friends and of course watching the beautiful bride walk down the isle. Such a beautiful wedding.

                                                   With the roomies, Ashley and Lauren.

2) Trip to Tennessee for Jesse's high school friends wedding. We made this a family trip and Gramma and Pops graciously watched Emerson while Jesse and I enjoyed the rehearsal dinner and wedding, just the two of us. Again, it was another beautiful wedding with a very handsome couple.

                                                    Playing outside in the cold with Pops.

                         Our attempt at a family picture with Gramma and Pops. I think Emerson is laughing?

Best shot we could get at the wedding. I look (and felt) huge!

3) Thanksgiving with my family. It just wouldn't be a holiday at the Kirkpatrick's without four-wheeler riding, trampoline jumping and chicken chasing ; )

                                                       Cousins, cousins everywhere!

                                               Target trip and snack time with cousin Jack.

Chasing a chicken at Aunt Amy and Uncle Brent's house. He did this for about 45 minutes and laughed the whole time.

                                       He also loved "feeding" (throwing hay) the goats.

                                  Almost all the cousins in one picture. Baby Archer was napping.

                                                        Reading time with Granddad.

And now I rest...NOT. Now it's time for the Christmas season and all it's fun festivities. And then it's baby time! Oh my. 

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  1. The picture with the goats should be in a dictionary under the entry "glee"! I love it!


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