Friday, October 9, 2015

Henry's 8 Months Old

*Good news, we have a working computer again! Which means I can get back to updating my blog.*

Momma's boy! I knew separation anxiety kicked in about this age, but this is totally different, Henry has definitely turned into an all momma's boy. For now anyway : )  I walk into the room and his face lights up like a Christmas tree. I leave the room and his whole world has ended. It's kind of annoying, but also makes me feel very special. I'll keep him this way as long as I can.

I'm going to miss this toothless smile.

Here is a breakdown of this month:

Eating: He's tried a few new foods such as prunes, watermelon and yellow squash. Hated yellow squash, and loved the prunes and watermelon. Starting to think he hates all veggies. The watermelon he ate in his mesh feeder. Glad both my boys like(d) that thing.

He is always kicking those legs in the air!

Activity: Oh my, this boy has changed so much in this department. He went from barely sitting up tri-pod style, to sitting up, climbing over things, his own form of crawling (not quite all fours yet) and trying to pull up on things. He is one busy boy. Don't even get me started on diaper changes and getting dressed, let's just say it's very frustrating.

Because of all this activity, he now bumps into everything. He is currently sporting a lovely bruise on his forehead because of this busy behavior! 

Teething is in full force and is starting to affect his mood. I have seen the future through Emerson and I know that I have a long two year road of teething ahead. Sigh.

It was so hard to get a descent picture on his blanket. He won't stay still long enough.

Sleeping: This is my least favorite topic. On one hand, he's doing awesome! He slept all night long for me one night this month so I decided he was ready to night wean. It went fairly smoothly. He is sleeping at least 10-11 hours straight at night and takes 2-3 naps. On the other hand, we still have some battles. 

He is struggling with dropping his third nap and that has been torture. Every day is a guessing game. Makes it really hard to plan evening activities. Not really sure if I'll have an angel or devil on my hands. His first nap usually lasts one hour and his second nap lasts about two hours. If we get a third, it's just around 30 minutes. And sometimes it seems to do more harm than good. 

Bedtime is good, however he has started this early morning wake-up stuff that has got to go. I do not start my day at 5:30 and no one should! He wakes up crying so I know he's not up for the day, but he also doesn't easily settle back to sleep because he's already slept 10+ hours at that point. 

Anyway, I'm working on his schedule to see what works best for the little guy.

Wiggle worm!

No doctor appointment update this month.

Likes, Dislikes and Other Milestones:
  • Wearing 9-12 month clothing 
  • Had first sickness, a cold
  • Hates the nose sucker or having his nose wiped
  • Reaches his arms up when he wants to be held
  • In size 3 diapers
  • Loves to play in the jumperoo 
  • Loves to climb over anything low to the ground, especially me when I'm sitting down with him
"Hi, Mom."
Things to look forward to:
  • First trip to Knoxville, TN to visit Gramma and Pops

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