Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas, 2015

Doesn't Christmas feel like forever ago? Really it was only about 15 days ago, but my neighbors stare at my lingering decorations and outside lights as if 6 months has passed. I'll get them down, eventually. Besides, I can't take it all down without having posted on my blog about Christmas, right?

So here it is...

1) We had some pre-Christmas fun: pancakes with Santa and sugar cookie baking. 

I would cry too, Henry. 

2) We opened our family presents. Emerson's big gift this year a tricycle. He loves it! He can't quite reach the pedals (oops), but likes to push off the ground with his feet.

3) We then traveled to Oklahoma to celebrate with my family.

Cousins, cousins everywhere! 

Matching jammie boys.

Cousin picture. The only two not cooperating are mine, of course.

 Merry first Christmas, Henry!

4) We took a cold trip to the mountains on Christmas day. We drove up Mount Scott, fed prairie dogs and then ate Chinese food. You know, like a normal family.

5) Then of course a trip to my family would not be complete without seeing a pet hedgehog (not pictured) and some chickens.

Emerson could not contain his excitement, but was still too afraid to actually touch one.

Henry had no fear : )

6) And lastly, we got to make a bonus stop in Dallas to see several of Jesse's family. 

Now that that's done, I can take down my Christmas decorations and focus on my sweet baby turning ONE! Stay tuned for that...

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  1. Love the chicken picture with Jesse on the safe side of the fence!


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