Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where In The World Have We Been Now?

More traveling for the McKee's: Jesse and I went to North Dakota and Minnesota this past weekend. We have a goal of going to all 50 state's together. Jesse had never been to North Dakota and we had a free weekend so we decided why not? I was not on board at first with the idea of driving that far over a weekend, but then Jesse pointed out that Mall of America was only four hours from ND so then I became a little more interested.

We drove through Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. I had never been to 4 out of the 7 states, so I got to check a lot off of my list.

So almost everyone collects something from their trips, my mom and Jesse's mom always collect Christmas ornaments. Some people collect those silver spoons, shot glasses and state magnets, Jesse and I just collect pictures. We take a picture of each state we are in and then we plan on making a decoration out of it with the map of the U.S. It will look pretty cool when it's all said and done. Oh and we do also collect Christmas ornaments from our trips.
What do you all collect from your trips?



South Dakota (Favorite pic)

North Dakota
This place was crazy!


Jesse in front a Dino made of Lego's

Weather on our trip: Mid 60's and 70's, still needed a light jacket.

Fun facts of Mall of America:

The mall is located on the same land where the Minnesota Twins once played baseball...before they moved to the Metro dome in downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Seven Yankee Stadiums would fit inside Mall of America.

Walking distance around one level of Mall of America is .57 of a mile.

Spending 10 minutes in every store would take a shopper more than 86 hours to complete their visit to Mall of America.

Advice: Take two days to go to the Mall of America, our legs are still tired from all of our walking!



  1. Now I know I need to budget 86 hours for my trip to Shangri-la. I am green with envy, but I know I'll get there some day. And I don't mean North Dakota.

  2. How fun! I love that you all can just take off and do things like this. Why oh why did I marry someone in medical school? haha.

  3. Great idea about the pictures - the one of your backs in the fiels is a great photo. You two are quite the travelers!

  4. The picture in every state idea is great! It'd be fun to do, but we'd have to do a lot of revisiting to make it work. Maybe?


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