Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Visitors

This past weekend my sister, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew visited Jesse and I. They had never seen our new house so we got to give the grand tour, although my niece and nephew only cared about finding the stair case. The stairs kept the kids busy and happy.

Saturday night we took the kids to a place called Kiddie Park. It is just a bunch of rides for little kids and the rides only cost 25 or 50 cents per ride, so pretty cheap entertainment. Afterward we went for some snow cones, my favorite summer time treat.

I tried to find the history on Kiddie Park, but could not find much. All I know is that it first opened in 1947. The rides have obviously been updated since then, but some of them look original. I will show you what I mean in one of the photos.

Lillian riding the airplanes

Riding the train

Look at the old horses on this ride. A closer look reveals more about its age, but I did not get a close up picture of them.
Look at the face! Lucas did NOT want to ride this one.

Last ride, the carousal. The worker had to push start the ride and help stop it.

We all rode of course and Jesse insisted he wear his Polo tucked into his athletic shorts with blue flip flops and a cowboy hat. Yes, we did get lots of stares. Brent was getting in trouble by Lillian because he was riding his horse backwards.

Jesse acting goofy and making me usual. It's one of the things that I love so much about him though.
Sunday was church and then back on the road for the Young family. Jesse and I had a wonderful time with them.



  1. Oh that Jesse! Lucas looks so tired in these pics. I guess we wore him out.

  2. Jesse is showing too much leg in that last picture!!

  3. Did Jesse get to ride the Blue one?

  4. Ooh, I can't wait for Nathan to be old enough to ride some rides! Looks like a good weekend!

  5. Lindsey-Now that you mention it, he does look really tired in all of the pictures.

    Jacob and Amy- I agree...too much leg.

    Kim- Jesse just explained the whole "blue one" thing. Poor Jesse, who would do that to a little kid.

    Trace and Sarah- Nathan is probably old enough to ride some of those. If you all come visit while it is still open, we will for sure go!


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