Friday, January 11, 2013

Month 6 (21-24 weeks), The Bump Gets Recognized

In month six it finally happened. A complete stranger came up to me asking about my baby bump!

Why the excitement you might ask? Well, it finally means I am actually looking more pregnant and less chubby. And it means it was obvious enough for someone to confidently say something to my face, versus the whispers behind my back and the odd stares and thoughts of "is she pregnant or just gaining weight?" 

So thank you lady at Sears for saying something : ) Now that even you can tell I am pregnant, I can finally come to terms with the fact that I am also, haha.

Here is a bit of an update for this month of baby activity.

Week 21
  • My last week of work.
  • Surprisingly my acne started to clear up a bit.
Week 22
  • Baby's first "unofficial" Christmas. He got some pretty cool gifts...and is already spoiled.
  • I felt/saw baby's first external movement!
Week 23
  • This was the first week of January and reality sets in...we are having a baby boy in 2013. Time to start buying stuff!!!
  • Jesse got to see baby boy move!
Week 24
  • I had my monthly Dr.'s appointment. I have gained a total of 11 lbs. This  month alone I gained 7 lbs. I guess all of that holiday eating helped bump me up. Next month I get to look forward to the yucky glucose test and more blood work.



  1. Your such a cute preggo. I had acne my entire pregnancy, uh I hated it.

  2. Oh my goodness! You look so so cute, Heather! Really. I think you might be the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen. Congrats on having a baby in 2013! And I'm so glad you can rest up and get ready for the baby without having to worry about work. So so nice!!


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