Friday, January 4, 2013

Month Five (17-20 weeks)- Sharing the Good News

The majority of month five was all about sharing our good news to family and friends. Here are a few highlights from each week.
Week 17
  • We found out we are having a boy! I would recommend having this ultrasound at your doctors office versus some random place that you found on the Internet that only does ultrasounds on the weekend in a sketchy office, but hey, that's just me.

Week 18
  • Acne still plagues me. This has been my worst pregnancy battle. Ever since the end of September, my face has been out of control. I would still choose acne over morning sickness though.
  • I could definitely feel the baby move this week. I had been noticing a similar feeling in earlier weeks, but wasn't sure what it was yet. The movements have been consistent and I now know it is definitely my baby boy.
Week 19
  • I grew! I feel like my baby bump became more noticeable between weeks 18 and 19.
Week 20
  • Still enjoying baby movements, can't wait until he is big and strong enough for Jesse to see the movements as well.
  • I am now in all maternity tops. I still wear regular jeans with the help of the belly band. I could probably get away with some regular tops, but maternity clothes are just so much more comfortable.

Since I am almost in week 24 now, my month six update will be following soon...


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