Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Week of February Events

The week of February 10 was a busy one for our McKee household.
  • February 13- Jesse's 27th birthday
  • February14- Valentines Day
  • February 16- "Friends February Birthday Bash" party 
These events meant a lot of planning and preparation on my part which was exhausting, but I am so thankful I now have the time to cook and entertain with our friends.

Jesse's birthday turned out to be an almost flop of a day. He had an emergency situation at work occur and did not get home until late that night. I had planned on fixing a big meal for him, but due to the unknown status of when he would come home, we opted to wait it out and just grab something quickn whenever he came home.

It worked out for him because he got to eat one of his favorite foods...mall Chinese food. Questionable food, but always tasty.

He didn't ask for anything this birthday so everything was a surprise. I just love his faces, he really was surprised.

The next event was Valentines Day of course. Again, it was almost a flop because Jesse had to work late, but we were able to squeeze in a romantic home cooked meal and a late movie.

I simply made the meal I was going to make on his birthday and then as part of his birthday (that is what I kept telling myself) we went to see the new Die Hard movie. I of course was not a fan, but Jesse did let me get whatever I wanted at the concession, so chocolate covered almonds and a cherry Slurpee it was. Odd, but I can't deny the baby what he wants, especially on Valentines Day :)

Our yummy Valentines dinner: steak, lobster, roasted broccoli, twice baked potatoes and homemade garlic rolls.
I had never made lobster or half of the other things on that plate, but it all turned out really good.
The final event for the week was the "Friends February Birthday Bash." That is what I am calling it anyway. Several of our friends have birthdays in February so we just decided to throw one big party.
Of course fried turkey was on the menu!
(Technically there were two fried turkeys)
For some reason they look really burnt here, but trust me, there were so delicious!
The Birthday crew.
Whew, I get tired just reminiscing about that week, but we walked away with a lot of great memories so it was all worth it.
We still have leftover turkey and cake if anyone wants to come and clean out my frig :)

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