Sunday, February 17, 2013

Washington DC + Three New States = The Last Vacay, Part 2

After DC, we traveled to New Jersey and then spent some time in Philadelphia. Technically, Philly is in Pennsylvania and we have already been to that state, but there were several things that we wanted to see.

Camden, New Jersey.  
Just some random town across the border. There were several old buildings and churches that were cool to look at, but other then that, Camden is NOT a place I will be revisiting.
In Philly...
The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

Scenes from Rocky. An absolute must stop for Jesse.

We had to eat Philly cheesesteak of course.

After Philly we drove back towards Baltimore, but first we drove through Delaware, a new state for us. It had snowed the day before, so it was cool to have a snow picture from the trip.
In Baltimore, Maryland...
On the harbor on Super bowl Sunday. There were tons of Ravens fans out and about.

We were told the one thing we had to do in Baltimore was eat crab, so that is what we did and it was very good!

To conclude the trip we ordered pizza, ate delicious marble slab ice cream and watched the super bowl in our hotel room before catching our flight the next day.
And finally, I will leave you with this image because I thought it was too funny. Enjoy!

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