Friday, February 15, 2013

Washington DC + Three New States = The Last Vacay, Part 1

The ever growing belly and restrictions on flying spurred Jesse and I to take one last trip before baby boy arrives.

Early on in our marriage we set the goal of traveling to all 50 states before either 1) our five year wedding anniversary or 2) having a baby. Well, the latter came first.

Although we did not make our goal of all 50, I am proud to say that we have now been to 45 states! We have had a blast working towards this goal, and believe me, it's not over. The states we have remaining are Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii and of all places, Wisconsin. We still have 1.5 years left before the big five year anniversary mark, so who knows what we will accomplish between now and then...even with baby in tow.

Welcome to DC!

So many historic sites.

Jesse's favorite, Vietnam Memorial
I hope everyone knows this one :)
The bottom right picture is a photo of a fleet of black vehicles and police cars that where coming from the White House...the president perhaps?

Air and Space Museum, Ford Theater where Lincoln was shot, The house across from Ford's Theater where Lincoln died, The Hope Diamond (45.52 carats, yes please!)

Do you remember the TLC show DC Cupcakes? Well, since I was so close, I just had to find their bakery and try one for myself, or in this case two.
Their bakery is actually called Georgetown Cupcakes, I guess DC Cupcakes just sounded better for the shows sake. Either way, baby boy and I give the cupcakes two thumbs up!

Part two coming up next: Philly, Baltimore, New Jersey and Deleware

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