Thursday, October 31, 2013

Emerson's First Halloween

Emerson's first Halloween was a busy one! He was dressed as a Lumberjack and I am quite proud that I actually pulled the whole outfit together.

The idea was inspired by his bearded hat that I found on Etsy. The beard part comes off so he can wear just the hat once it is finally cool enough to wear it.

The weather here in Houston was rainy almost all day and muggy, but the rain cleared away and it ended up being a beautiful evening.

Here is a glimpse of the busy lumberjacks day.

Dress rehearsal first thing in the morning (when I knew he would be the most cooperative).

Made an appearance at story time.

 Chopping down wood all day is tough, but reading is hard work also.

 Yummy treats that E could not eat. No teeth + too young = more for momma.

Hanging with story time friends.

Dad had to put on a flannel shirt also.

Emerson's duck friend (aka Charlotte) had nothing to do with him. She is older and wiser than E so probably best she learns early to stay away from those lumberjacks : )

After visiting a few friends it was time to head home and hit the hay. Can't believe we let that boy stay up until 8:30 p.m.! Whew, I am exhausted.
Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. The first comments from Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Molly involved the fact that Emerson's daddy has plenty of actual axes (or at least hatchets) -- why get the stuffed one?? ;) SOOOOO CUTE, we love it. Baby Storytime seems very cool.

    1. I am very strict. No playing with knives, hatchets, swords or any other sharp object until he turns 1 : ) (obviously jk)


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