Saturday, October 12, 2013

First Food: Change of Plans

I had a grand plan to skip the rice cereal phase and go straight to real food (pureed of course). That is why I have waited so long to start foods. I didn't think he was ready at four months to start on pureed foods.

Unfortunately, when I called to double check my plan with my doctor, the nurse I spoke with advised against it and said rice cereal was a better choice for "practicing". I am still not sure if I agree with her, however I am not one to break the rules. Besides, Emerson's doctor and nurses do this for a living, so I thought it best to go with their best judgment than mine...this time anyway : )

So today Emerson got his first taste of "food" and had a few bites of Nature's Best Whole Grain rice cereal.

He loved it!
Here we go!

Haha, can't stop smiling at this face.

More please!

We are only doing rice cereal for a few days then moving onto real food. I have a whole other post ready to show on my baby food making process, so more food posts coming soon.

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