Thursday, October 17, 2013

Emerson's First Trip to Tennessee

We recently made a trip to Tennessee to visit Jesse's family. This was Emerson's first visit to Gramma and Pops house. This was also the first time Emerson got to meet Uncle Evan. And sadly I didn't capture a very good picture of them, but I think the one below is pretty funny  : )

Just love both their faces, as if they were saying  "what do I do with this guy?".

Friday night was the only night the whole McKee family was able to be together so we snuck in a quick family picture.

Get ready for tons of other photos...

Playing a classic, croquet.

Wearing orange for the TN game.

Meeting new friends!
Jesse's best friend from high school, Michael, his fianc√© and his family. Emerson was quite the charmer.

Emerson, Jesse and Michael.

These three headed to the TN vs. Georgia game. A great game, but we all had wished for a different outcome.
Story time with Gramma before bed.

Hanging with Aunt Molly.
Goodbye hugs.

Jesse and I headed back to Nashville to catch our flight, but first we made a stop at the greats house.

Emerson got to meet his great-granddaddy and great-grandmomma for the first time. He loved spending time with them.

But we ran into a nap time issue and he had enough of being charming :)

What a great trip! Can't wait until the next one.

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