Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fourth of July, 2015

Playing major catch-up on events and also dealing with formatting issues of the iPad. Just work with me.

This Fourth of July we stayed at home and enjoyed a relaxing celebration of grilling, swimming and popping some fireworks.

This was also Henry's first Fourth of July and really Emerson's first time to participate in any of the activities.

Here are a few photos that capture our fun!

We actually popped some fireworks a few days leading up to the Fourth (the above pictures). Emerson didn't mind them at all...except when the big day rolled around suddenly every firework was "too loud." This included sparklers : / 

Our Saturday tradition to go to the park.

His new favorite playground toy, the monkey bars. 

The boys enjoyed watching a hot dog eating contest. It was totally disgusting to watch.

Emerson's new favorite way to eat watermelon!

Before the firework went off...


And this is the only one I really took of just Henry. Right before bed. Oh well, at least I got one and at least he is wearing pjs with stars on them : ) 


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