Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canada Eh? Part 1

Jesse and I have hit the road again and this time it was a VERY long road we traveled. Last Tuesday evening we headed to Nashville where we would hop in the car with Jesse's parents and travel our way to Campbellville, Ontario for a family reunion! Since this was a vacation, we took a longer route going to Canada in order for us to do some site seeing.

Travel Route- Going to Canada:
Staring point- Oklahoma
West Virgina
New York

Travel Route- Going Home:
Starting point- Canada

Total hours in the car: Approx 50 hours

On this journey we went to seven new states together as a married couple and one new country! The map below show all of the states we have been to in blue, somehow Wisconsin sneaked by us.

We made little stops along the way so Jesse and I could take our pictures in each state (Our keepsake of the trip), but some of our bigger stops were in Buffalo New York, Niagara Falls (both NY and Canada sides), Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada and of course the family reunion in Campbellville, Ontario.

More details to come on each stop.

Oh and if you did not know, Canadians say "Eh" almost after everything they talk about. They like to put things into question form. I don't know what I was expecting about how they spoke, but to me it did not sound that much different than from the way I speak. There were a few words though that I do not think many Americans say.
We say: Bathroom/Restroom
They say: Washroom
We say: Baseball Field
They say: Ball Diamond
We say: Baseball glove
They say: Ball glove

Oh and they also think 70-80 degree weather is hot and I thought it was wonderful!

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