Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canada Eh? Part 3

Yes this is the third post on this subject!

Our Keepsake Pictures from each (new) state on this trip.

Mississippi- No idea where we were, we just crossed over the border to get our picture.

Kentucky- Nothing like cows for a back drop!

Ohio-In the corn fields.

West Virgina- In a small town called Wheeling.
Pennsylvania-In front of Lake Erie.

New York-At the Horseshoe Falls.

Ontario, Canada- At the family reunion.
Michigan- We wanted a picture of old cars for this state but the graffiti had to do.

Indiana- Again, no clue where we are at.
OK, I am finally done posting about this trip on my blog, enjoy!
A special thanks goes out to Jesse's parents for taking all of these was much better than using my car as a stand.



  1. Stopping in states to take the pictures really made the trip an adventure. Hope all your future trips together are adventures in making happy memories.

  2. you two are SO flippin' photogenic!!! The Michigan Gangsta one is SOOOOO my favorite, but the first few are picture-perfect cute as well. I was expecting to see a bunch of "Welcome to _____" signs, so this was an interesting twist--I think I like it!


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