Friday, June 3, 2011

Come On In

I have failed on updating everyone on our lives in Houston. Some of my family have mentioned they would like to see pictures of where we live, so here it is, a web version of an open house for the McKee's. Come on in...

When you walk in the door and look left this is what you see: the dinning room/storage center :) This is only temporary madness and the only way I get through looking at this daily mess is knowing that it is only temporary until we get a house.

You can also peek into the kitchen from this view.

If you look right when you walk in you will see the living room. Behind that big window is our patio, but it is so full of stuff (lawn mower, potted plants, grill, etc.) that I couldn't get a good picture. That door on the left is the guest bedroom. And the door on the right (not in view) is the master bedroom.
The kitchen. It's a small kitchen and was hard to adjust to compared to my last kitchen, but it is still nice. Updated cabinets and appliances, granite counter tops and includes a small pantry ( a space lifesaver).

Right off the kitchen is the laundry room/cook book storage room/randomness.

Right off the kitchen and living room is the guest bath.

And attached to the guest bathroom is the guest bedroom.

Off of the living room is the master. I love that bay window. I just need a little reading bench there or something.

And finally, right off the master bedroom is the master bathroom. I love this bathroom. It has tall counter tops and there are TWO sinks. Jesse and I have never been able to share the same bathroom because we have never had the space, now we do. It also has TWO walk-in closets. We have decided that this has been a marriage saver and it is a must on our house wish list.

So there you have it. The McKee household has been posted. Come again and in person this time :)

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