Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Visitors

Last weekend my sister, brother-in-law, neice and nephew came to visit Jesse and I in Houston and we were so thrilled to have them!

Name reference list:
Amy = sister
Brent = brother-in-law
L1 = neice
L2 = nephew

They got in Thursday late afternoon and the kids wasted no time and went swimming. Of course the water was a little chilly.

We also went to the Galleria mall and went ice skating. Let me just say that was quite an adventure. Neither Amy or I had ice skated in years and L1 and L2 had never ice skated. L1 picked it up real quick. L2's attempt was not as successful, however even though he fell several times, he never cried and he wanted to keep going. And my sister and I, well let's just say it's not like riding a bike. Jesse and Brent decided to sit back and laugh as we fumble around on the ice.

A good picture on the left since we weren't moving. We pretty much laughed the whole time we had L2 on the ice. He wanted to do it on his own so bad, but he could only go a few steps before falling. I'm sure it doesn't help to have two adults helping you when they can't even ice skate themselves.

The next day we went to NASA. We have gone before with Jesse's parents, but this time we were able to do more kid things. I know the kids had a great time, but I think Brent enjoyed it even more :)

Jesse and I being kids again.

On the trolley for a tour.

Left: Amy, Brent, L1, L2, me. Right: We told them to give us a thumbs up, but for L2 that meant giving the "go pokes" sign.
We got to see a science show and L1 got called on stage to be an assistant. There was no hesitation, she hopped right up there.

At our favorite Mexican resturant in Houston (thus far), Chuys. The kids got some pretty cool balloon characters made for them.

Saturday we watched the first half of the OSU game together before everyone had to pack up and head back to Oklahoma.

Thanks for coming to visit us!

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