Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding of the Year

You are probably thinking I am going to do some kind of recap of Prince William and Kate's wedding or Kim Kardashians wedding to Kris, but no.

Some people recall those weddings as being labeled "the wedding of the year," but not for me.

There is only one "wedding of the year" in my book for 2011 and that title belongs to James and Brittany Nickles.

Last weekend Jesse and I traveled to Key West, FL for the "wedding of the year."

Just a few snapshots of the bride and groom...

Five things that made this wedding great (well, there's more than just five):
1) Beautiful couple
2) Wedding on a beach
3) Reception on a boat
4) Vacation, vacation, vacation
5) And do I even have to say it? Key Lime pie!

I will post more pictures later on our vacation segment of the trip and just as a heads up, Jesse created the title for that blog all by himself, so get ready.

For now all I have to say is, Congratulations James and Brittany!

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