Saturday, October 15, 2011

The McKEY WEST Vacation

First of all, I need to point out that Jesse created this title, he is proud of it and I am proud of him for at least being somewhat interested in my blog.

Second of all, I have to warn you that there will be picture overload on this post and a few of them I played around with in Photoshop, so they may look disjointed, hmmm not sure if "disjointed" is the word I want to use.

Third of all, I need to get to the point of this post, so here we go.

Attending the "wedding of the year" allowed Jesse and I to take a mini vacation, which was a nice treat considering we typically don't travel in the Fall.

The trip started in Miami, FL, where we met up with our friends Dustin and Robyn.

Our hotel.

From the rooftop of our hotel. The view was amazing!

At the rehearsal dinner.

Jesse wore pants the color of the ocean.

A better shot without my hair in my face.

The Nerd Herd- definition: a group of engineering friends.

I just love this application/filter I used, I think it is called "seventies"

Reception pictures.

At the southernmost point in the United States.


A before and after shot. Our last night in Key West having dinner with friends: Robyn, Dustin, Clay, Jesse, Heather, Lauren, Aaron.

Jesse and I decided to make a quick stop in Everglades National Park before heading home.

I love how the clouds reflected in the water.

Not sure if you can tell, but there is a gator down there. Look past our reflections in the you see its tail?

As we left the park we saw a rainbow in the clouds, not a bad scene to see before hoping on a plane and heading home.

And that my friends was the McKEY WEST Vacation.


  1. Love the title!!!!! Love all your cute dresses, too! And the pants the color of the ocean, I guess. I'm now ready to go back to Key West, it's such a fun place!

  2. Rainbow!!!!! Very nice post about a very nice breakaway trip.


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