Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Whale of a Good Time- Baby Shower #2

We had more baby shower fun last Saturday at our couples baby shower!

The shower was filled with friends and of course it had a whale theme with adorable decorations. Our hosts did an awesome job putting this all together for us. We definitely felt special and loved.

Whales galore!

Yummy food.
Brittany, our hostess, attempting to get the little rubber duckies to float in the punch.

A variety of our guests.
There were also lots of fun games thanks to Matt and Katie.

Yep, those are baby bottles! The guys, and one brave girl, had to swallow their pride and drink out of them as fast as they could.

Let's just say it is not as easy as it looks and it made for some good laughs.
The winner was Trent, a father of three so he knew how it was done : )

We also played the Newly Parent game, like the Newlywed game.

These are our answers for how big we think our baby will be when he is born. I surely hope our baby is closer to my guess than Jesse's.

Just one of the great gifts we received. Jesse will definitely be wearing this sign in the hospital.
Jesse made me "sit" on the whale.

He got to come home with us!

Jesse and I with the shower hosts, James and Brittany.
So many thanks to give out! Thank you Polly and Joel for opening your home for our shower, Matt and Katie (and Charlotte) for all the fun games, to all of our friends who traveled from all over Houston and from out of town to be a part of our shower, and of course thank you James and Brittany for hosting the shower. We had a blast!

Now what's left? Oh yeah, have a baby!


  1. Wow, Jesse's face with the "10 lb" sign is priceless -- you guys are so loved and it's clear to see this shower was given by people who know you so well!! I loved all the pics and descriptions!

  2. You look SO cute! I'm glad you had such a fun shower!!! Wish we could go to lunch and chat about things. Sure do miss you!!

  3. You on the whale is hilarious! WHat a fun shower!


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