Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Final Weeks

Although Emerson has made his entrance into this world, I don't want to forget all the moments leading up to his arrival.

Here are a few final photos/thoughts before he entered our lives.

Week 37
  •  Dr appointment as usual, but no new progress. I remember being disappointed because I was hoping she would say I was ready to deliver. Looking back, I am glad I wasn't rushing things.
  • Jesse and I went on a final dinner date night. We went to Brenner's Steak House and got all dressed up.  

A picture from our date night. Looking back I can't believe how big I was! 

It took many changes of clothes to finally find something nice enough to fit for our date.

 Week 38
  • I finally came to the conclusion that nesting was never going to kick in. I was constantly restless, but I never had the urge to clean or prepare for anything. The only room I wanted to clean was the baby room. I swept and mopped it several times.
  • I started a puzzle and actually thought I would finish it : )
  • Had my Dr. appointment on Thursday, April 18 and that's when I got the unfortunate news that they were concerned I had preeclampsia and they sent me to the hospital for further testing and observation. This was the moment that changed my life forever and was the last time it would be just Jesse and I. Very exciting and scary.

 The rest is history!

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