Saturday, April 6, 2013

Place Your Bets

I had my 36 week doctor appointment and ultrasound a few days ago and we received several pieces of "shocking" news so I think it's time to place your bet on when this baby will be due.

Just to be fair, I will first give you all the news I know about the baby from my latest doctor appointment, so maybe that will help your bid.

What I learned:
  • Baby is predicted to currently weigh 7 lbs, 3 oz! (big baby, skocking news #1)
  • Based on the information above, I am measuring more like 38 weeks, instead of 36 (shocking news #2)
  • I am already dilated to 1.5 cm (shocking news #3)
  • Baby is in head down position (the correct position)

What all that information really means:
  • "Predicted" is the key word, meaning they could be off on the weight
  • Although based on weight I am measuring at 38 weeks, my doctor still considers it a 36 week old baby for lung development purposes, so he needs to stay in there. She kept my due date the same, April 29
  • I could be dilated around a 1.5-2 cm for several more weeks
  • Just because baby is in the right position does not mean he is ready
OK, with that information in your hands, it's time to place your bets on my poll or leave a comment with your thoughts. The poll dates are general, but if you have a specific date you want to declare, please leave a comment.

Sorry, no prize for the winner who is the closest, just the pure satisfaction that you were right :)

Happy guessing!


  1. I've got a good feeling about 4/24. Since I'm the first commenter, I can lock it in!
    Also predicting the following:
    He will be awesome.
    You will be a great mom.
    His cuteness will be beyond compare.
    He'll have dark hair!

  2. I'm going with him having an Earth Day Birthday, thus sharing the big date with his Great Grandfather. Plus that puts Mom a full week early, as no one should have to go past the due. Also, his awesome Dad was a week early - well, technically 6 days.
    Gramma's Guess

    1. Oh, and Pops weighed in with May 2. SOMEBODY'S half birthday.

  3. I'm guessing the 19th! I hope it's soon so I can meet the little guy! Of course not until his lungs develop!


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