Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Month 9 (33-36 weeks)- Baby Showers and Preparation

Only 20 days left until my due date! Wow, time has flown.

We made it to full term pregnancy, 37 weeks. Of course ideally we want the little guy to stay in there until 40 weeks so everything has had time to fully develop, but it is comforting to know that we made it this far with no complications and he could be born anytime and be perfectly healthy.

This month has been lots of fun with all of our wonderful showers, visits from family and friends, and getting final things ready for baby to arrive.

Week 33
  • Baby Shower # 1- The church we attend hosted a lovely shower for us where we got lots of wonderful things for baby
  • We had a good deal of family and friends travel to be with us for our showers

Week 34
  • Vivid baby dreams! I had these several nights in a row. I keep telling Jesse I now know exactly what he is going to look like. I guess only time will tell if my dreams are right : )
  • Received surprising news at this weeks Dr. appointment. I shockingly learned that I have already gained 30 lbs! I have no idea where all of that weight came from. I was so slow to gain weight that I thought surely I would stay in to 20-25 lb range. Oh well.
  • Prepared for babies arrival. After our first baby shower, my mom stayed a few extra days to help prepare the babies room. We washed all of this blankets and clothes, and organized the room.

Week 35
  • Other than the Easter holiday, not much exciting happened in our babies world this week

Week 36
  • Final ultrasound, Dr. visit. We receieved more surprising news
  • Packed hospital bag. This is becoming very real!
  • Baby Shower #2 (blog post to come soon)

Here is what is on my check list for the next four weeks:
  • Install car seat
  • Finish packing last minute hospital bag items
  • Purchase any last minute items that we absolutely have to have before baby arrives
  • Practice newborn photography, with stuffed animals of course. Oh yeah, did I not mention that Jesse and I decided I should try and attempt his newborn photos? I am not very confident on how it is all going to go down, but I am up for the challenge
  • Pick up rocking chair
  • Finalize baby room decorations
  • Clean house top to bottom...I sure hope this nesting thing kicks in real fast because I have had no motivation to clean
  • Stock up on groceries
 We will just see how much of that actually gets done : )
A final reminder, if you haven't already placed your bet on when you think baby McKee will arrive, don't forget to do so this week on my poll or leave a comment here. It will be fun to go back and see what the majority thinks.

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  1. you are looking round!! keep on growing that little person in there... he's coming so soon!!!


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