Thursday, October 14, 2010

Close, but No Cigar

So I have not blogged about this yet because I did not want to get carried away with the topic, but I might as well...

So Bartlesville has turned Hollywood, sort of. The Rose Bud film production is filming a movie here in Bartlesville and it is staring....BEN AFFLECK! And yes that did deserve all caps and an exclamation mark. Other names in the movie are (supposedly) Rachel McAdams, Olga Kurlenko (the girl off of one of the newer James Bond movies, Quantum of Solace), Javier Bardem and Rachel Weisz. The only ones I for sure know are in the movie are Ben and Olga. I have met several people who have seen Ben and his lovely wife (Jennifer Garner!!) but I have yet to "bump" into anyone famous. That ALMOST changed today, I was so close to Ben but I could not see him. They were filming in my building today and he was just floor above me! I was so excited, I was just hoping they would stop by the United Way office to say hello...yeah right, but I can dream.

I have had the opportunity to meet the community relations person for the film crew on several occasions, but that is as close as I have gotten to the film crew.

I have heard that the name of the movie is "Day's of Heaven," but that could be all talk. I do know that is it a Romantic Drama.

They will be filming until November, so there is still hope for me to run into Ben and if I do, the blogging world will be among the first to know.


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