Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Spooktacular Weekend

Jesse and I enjoyed the Halloween festivities this weekend. Saturday we went to OKC to see The Phantom of the Opera ballet with friends Kacy and Kelli. We all went to Bricktown to eat at Zio's Italian Kitchen, walked around downtown and then it was off to the ballet. The ballet was amazing. We were a little disappointed though that it wasn't really the music from the play and of course there was no singing which for me is what makes the play so awesome.

In front of the Civic Center in OKC
Friends Kacy and Kelli
Viewing the art...a very grown up thing to do :)
Sunday I put up more fall decorations around the house (thanks to Kirklands 50% off sale) and then patiently waited for trick-or-treaters to arrive.
I waited and waited and finally the doorbell rang and I got so excited. Here was my first trick-or-treater.....
As I opened the door I started to say "trick or tr...." and then it was followed by "oh, it's you." Jesse felt bad that no one had come to our house yet so I guess he thought he was doing me a favor by getting my hopes up. He would not come inside either till I gave him a piece of candy, what a kid. We did however have about 10 trick-or-treaters. I was disappointed by the turn out. I blame the City of Bartlesville for not taking a "stance" on when Halloween trick-or-treating would be...DUH it should be on Halloween, right? However many churches had their trunk-or-treats that Saturday so I am guessing many parents wanted their kids in bed at an early time for school.
The question is what would/did you do? Allow your kids to trick-or-treat on Halloween (even if it is a school night) or take them on another day? I have my opinion, but then again I don't have kids :)
Another thing, what happened to kids saying "trick-or treat," "Happy Halloween," or even "Thank you" ? A little appreciation goes along ways. The (few) kids that said those things got a very generous helping of candy from me and those that didn't...well they got the banana laffy taffy that no ones wants. Wow, that makes me sound mean.
Let's end on a happy/friendly note, Happy Halloween!


  1. Now where did he learn that "surprise Trick-or-Treater" game? All of our kids came to the door before I got home from church so I didn't get to see any this year. :(

  2. I did not give out candy until the kids said Trick or Treat! It was amazing how many awkward stare-downs we had on the front porch. There were SEVERAL times when I had to just go ahead and tell them to say it. We had about 50 kids I'd say, most of them were teenagers dressed in black calling that a "costume". Oh well.


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