Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Visitors

My parents came to stay with Jesse and I this past weekend. This was my dads first time to Bartlesville, so we got to give him the grand tour of our house and of the town.

Saturday we went to Woolaroc ( I have blogged about this before). I guess this is the place we have been taking most of our guests. It is a really neat place and the weather was beautiful on Saturday.

Friday night we went to Tulsa to see my brother and SIL. Went out to eat at a yummy place called Te Kai's (Asian Kitchen). And although I did not get the chance to go in it (who closes at 7 p.m.?), but for all of you Anthropologie fans, there is now one open in Utica Square.

Sunday was church, out to eat and then my parents headed out. We all had a great time. Thanks for visiting mom and dad!


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  1. That butterfly picture is gorgeous! Could be in a professional's portfolio. I guess W. was a bit cooler than when we visited :)


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