Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anniversary Activities

Jesse and I had a WONDERFUL anniversary!

Check it out..

Saturday we went to the circus and had a blast! It was just like being a kid again as we oohed and awed over our favorite acts. My favorite was the elephants.

Now, normally it may be tacky to put your gifts up for everyone to see, but our gifts are so silly and fun that I just have to share them with all of you. Last year, Jesse had the idea that we not get each other big gifts, but that we spend less than $20 and get something with the number of the year we were celebrating on the gift item. For example: last year I got Jesse a #1 80's hit c.d. and he got me Uno (now technically it is a 1, but he just had to think outside the box)

This year, he did it again. He thought outside the box and got me a stuffed Tucan bird : ) I got him a two dollar bill and made him an ornament using a number two wooden cut out and pictures from our past year. Usually I am pretty good about coming up with unique ideas, but Jesse won this year with originality.

I highly recommend our method, it is so much fun!

Jesse did an excellent job this year with the flowers, they are beautiful.

Our friends James and Brittany got us a very nice gift card to Flemings Steakhouse for our anniversary, so we got to enjoy a very nice dinner thanks to them. We even got free cake since it was a special day for us. Don't worry we decided to share it with our friends : )

Here's to another great year of marriage, cheers!


  1. You two are pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Is he hoping for a couple of 4 Wheelers in two years?


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