Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Orange Kind of Weekend

There was a lot of orange in Houston last weekend as the OSU vs. Mississippi State game was in town. This was my first OSU football game in three years! And of course it was Emerson's first football game ever :)

The game wasn't pretty at first, but we pulled out a win.

My parents also got to come and spend the weekend with us, so we had a great time.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Labor Day weekend...hope it was laborless.

Go Pokes!

I love Emerson's face in this one. He looks like a little doll : )

Watching pre-game stuff with daddy.


  1. Fun football pics. On another note, your background for the blog posts is looking really funky, with ads to upgrade instead of the neato green chevron. Is this my problem or yours?

    1. It is my problem. A few other people have let me know and I can see it on my end as well. Need to figure out how to fix it!

  2. Problem fixed. Will you come live with me and fix all my problems? Bring that baby along - I'll take care of him, no problem.

    1. Technically my SIL fixed it, but I can still visit and bring Emerson along : )


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