Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sedona Family Vacation, 2013

Our 2013 family vacation started out by landing in Phoenix AZ in 116 degree heat! I didn't think it was possible to get any hotter than here in Houston, but I was wrong :)

Thankfully our final destination, Sedona, was cooler. The evenings were especially pleasant.

Here are a few highlights from our wonderful trip!

-Emerson took his first plane ride.
-Went to the Grand Canyon. Emerson's first national park.
-Toured an old Mining town.
-Went off roading in our rental car (hmmm, not the best idea in my opinion).
-And of course spent a lot of time with family having fun (we were there for a family reunion after all).

Enjoy the many pictures!

Emerson's first time to fly in an airplane.

Spending time in an old ghost mining town, Jerome. The town was tucked away in the mountains and had beautiful views.

Dinner at a great local joint with the entire crew on Saturday night.


Emerson and Neya. Neya was two weeks older than Emerson, so they were fun to watch interact.

Four generations.

A bad idea...

We took this road and after three miles decided to turn around. I guess I should say, Kim and I were ready to turn around, and Jesse and Mike wanted to keep going.

Got a few good pics though.

Family reunion time.
It was a little overwhelming for Emerson, but the kids didn't seem to mind all of his screaming. I loved his little family reunion shirt : )

Time for the Grand Canyon. Wearing his little outfit that his Gramma made him.

On our hike to one of the best views of the Grand Canyon (in my opinion). It's kind of a secret location that Jesse and I found last year, not many people know about it.

The best part, no rails!

Jesse, Emerson and Pops.

Family photo time. I will never get that close to the edge with Emerson ever again. I was nervous the whole time.

Just got done swimmin'

On the floor at the airport waiting to head back to Houston. Probably not the cleanest place to put a baby, but he was happy so I let him be.
Word of advice for anyone traveling with a baby on an airplane, change their diaper BEFORE you get on the plane. Lesson learned : )


  1. Great pictures! Great time, great vacation.

  2. I have been waiting for this post!!! Great pics and caption with lots of emotion! Knowing that E is Jesse's child, I will go ahead and start praying for peace for you with the "close-to-the-edge-no-rails" thing. "never again"? we'll see :)

  3. Very good photos; I would also have been extremely nervous at the edge!


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