Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hop, Hop Goes the Bunny

Me: "Emerson, what does the bunny say?"

Emerson: "Hop, hop." : )

Happy Easter, everyone! This year Emerson got to participate in his first egg hunt and egg coloring. I wanted to do a little bit more for him this year since he was older. He rocked the Easter egg hunts, but didn't quite understand the purpose of coloring Easter eggs. Maybe next year.

This was also Henry's first Easter! Next year he may be hunting eggs with big brother. Crazy to think he will be walking (most likely) by then.

 First Easter egg hunt for Emerson was at his school.
He clapped after each egg he found and even helped others find eggs. Sweet boy.

                         Easter clothes made by Gramma. How long can I get away with them matching?

Happy first Easter, Henry!

Sweet baby feet.

                                                  Neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

                                       Egg coloring. Lasted only long enough to snap a picture.


  1. She made that smocked outfit?! It's so cute!! What a treasured piece of clothing! And how great that Henry will likely be able to wear the pants that Emerson wore this year!

    1. Yes! She is a very talented smocker...if that is a real word? Emerson had a smocked "going home from the hospital" outfit. Both very special pieces to cherish.

  2. You got a picture of the two together - Victory!

    1. Yes, this is right before he poked H in he eye : /


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