Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wee-New, Wee-New, Emerson Turns Two!

Emerson had a fire truck themed birthday party. We chose to have a small family party this year since Emerson is too young to remember big events like this, so it was just Jesse, Henry and I. BUT that doesn't mean it wasn't a fun and special day for the little guy.

The day started out rough. He woke up early crying and had a low-grade fever. And when you don't feel good on your birthday, you get to do whatever you want. That includes snuggling with mom and dad in our bed watching YouTube videos.

By the time we got up and around for church and he had had birthday pancakes, he was feeling much better.
(come to find out the next day, the reason why he hadn't been feeling well was because of an ear infection).

Playing with birthday balloons before church.

I attempted to be a good mom and put a few decorations together. It was really hard this year to get motivated since it was just us. But I wanted him to have something special to look back on, even if he doesn't remember now.


His favorite dessert right now are cookies, so he was in heaven when he saw his birthday cookie cake : )

My favorite thing about his birhtday was how much he loved being sung "Happy Birthday" to. I think we sang it well over a hundred times. : ) He really seemed to understand that he was having a special day.

Henry finally woke up from his nap and joined the party. Emerson happily shared one of his toy cars.

Thank you so much to all our sweet family and friends who sent gifts and wished him a happy birthday. He was spoiled, just as he should be on his birthday. 

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