Friday, April 29, 2011

All Things Royal- Heather's Notes

Yes, I was one of those people who got up at 3 a.m. to watch all the royal wedding details and I am not ashamed to say it! My husband on the other hand thinks this is all nonsense...he is just no fun sometimes :)

I proceeded to hear the alarm go off (highly annoying at 3 a.m.), ate an English muffin (get it? English muffin?) and watched history unfold.

Here are a few of my notes, thoughts, opinions, etc. from watching the wedding:

  • I don't know why they keep calling it a "modern" royal wedding, from what I saw it all seemed pretty traditional.

  • Not a fan of Victoria Beckhams dress choice. All black? Is this a funeral or a wedding? Of course she looked gorgeous though...especially on the arm of David.

  • Interesting choice to put maple trees in the Westminster Abbey instead of flowers. The plan is to plant them in a park after the ceremony; the trees symbolize commitment. I like the thought behind it, but I also love flowers so I was disappointed not to see the whole place decked out with roses and such.

  • Loved all of the hats! Well, except this one:
    *Little fact I learned this morning from the news is that the queen owns over 5,000 hats.

  • Kate's (Catherine's, I should say) dress was no show stopper like princess Diana's, but it was simply stunning. My favorite part was her veil, I loved the lace detailing.

  • Looks like the next step for the prince and his bride is kids, right? At least that is what the newscasters were already talking about after they walked out of the Abbey...good grief people, give them a break.

    After seeing the kiss on the balcony I went back to sleep for a good four more hours. That's a perk of not having a job, but before you all get jealous I must say that I would rather have a job.

Well those are my notes, what were your favorite parts or not so favorite parts about the wedding?


  1. I thought Kate looked great, but I really liked Pippa's dress better!

    And this wedding really makes me want to start wearing hats to special events!

  2. I didn't get up at 3am; it was more like 4:30 for me. But I got to see everything I wanted to see and still have it dvr'd in case I want to rewatch parts. I thought her dress was beautiful!


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