Monday, April 25, 2011

Our First Houston Visitors

Jesse's parents, Mike and Kim, were our first out of town visitors and we had lots of activities lined up to do with them.

Picture via Google: This is the Williams Water Wall and it was awesome! I already can't wait to go back and see it.

Picture via Google: Kemah Boardwalk

One of my favorite stops was NASA. We saw rockets, engines, moon rock and....

...the Control Center. "Houston, we have a problem," does that saying ring a bell? This is where it happened.

We went to the Miller Outdoor Theater to see a human light show. It was a fun experience, but the show was only so-so, good thing it was free.

We also went to a place in Spring, TX called Old Town Spring. It was a neat place. Lots of antiques. It really made me feel far, far away from Houston, which may not be a bad thing at times.

Overall it was a great trip. Unfortunately, towards the end of the trip we got some news that Jesse's uncle was involed in an accident on his farm. I believe he had some head trauma and had fractures on his face. He had to be placed in an induced coma, BUT things are getting better and better each day. He is having surgery tomorrow and I ask that each of you pray that all goes well and to give his family the support they need to help him recover.

You are in our prayers Mark!


  1. (Look, I finally got internet service restored!)We had a wonderful, fun-filled time and can't wait to come back and see some more. Maybe not in summer, though. Let me reiterate that had Mark not been injured our travels would have gone right through Tuscaloosa on that horrific day. Thanks, Mark, for taking one in the noggin for us. (Maybe going home today?)

  2. PS - that Kemah boardwalk picture must have been pre-hurricane vintage. I am sure if I had seen that tower I would have gone up.


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