Friday, April 1, 2011

Tears and Smiles

Tears = What I have produced a lot of lately. I have been really sad with this move to another state. I get attached easily to things/people/places and I did not realize how attached I have become to certain things until I have to say good bye to them. I cried when I left my parents house for the last time as an Oklahoman. I cried when I hugged my friends for the "last" time. * Last meaning for that moment, not as in forever. I cried when I left work on my last day, but I blame that all my co-workers for crying first, I held my own until they all lost it. :) (I will miss them). I cried when I came home from work to a house full of boxes. I was even sad (did not cry) when the sweet, older mailman, Roger, at work hugged me good bye. He is the best mailman ever. There were many occasions he would come in and sit with all of us in the work lounge to talk...when he was ahead of his schedule of course. And there have been many other moments I have cried that I don't wish to share for the sake of my dignity. HOWEVER... Smiles = What I plan to do a lot of from here on out as I start this very exciting adventure with my wonderful husband. Bartlesville was our first real home, but Houston will hold many firsts as well and I look forward to that chapter in my life. So here is to many more smiles in my future!


  1. Peace to you as you make the move this weekend. We'll be thinking of you both.

  2. I hope the excitement overshadows the sadness. It is hard to move on, especially when you've become attached to people and places. Good luck with the goodbyes and hellos!


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