Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Without a Paying Job

Just because I don't have a paying job, doesn't mean I don't work. In fact, I currently I have MANY jobs.

For example:

Baker- homemade Cinnamon rolls and french bread, need I say more?

Gourmet Cook- yes gourmet, I am trying newer, "fancier" things in the kitchen.

Interior Decorator- Finding out how to make a stack of card board boxes look stylish is not a task for everyone.

Professional Career Consultant: I would consider applying for jobs, contacting businesses and spending tons of time on the Internet job hunting deserving of this title.

Maid- CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. Our apartment is immaculate (just don't look too closely please).

Fitness Instructor- I have been working out just about everyday. I have a beach vacation coming up soon, again, need I say more?

And last but not least, the never ending, 24/7 job of being a wonderful Wife :)

Now come on, who would not hire a baker, gourmet cook, interior decorator, professional career consultant, a maid, fitness instructor and super incredible wife????

Enough said! Let the (paying) job offers start rolling in.

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