Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Journey

Due to lack of Internet in our apartment, I have been unable to update everyone with the move. However, I finally found a path through all of our moving boxes to the door of our apartment and was able to escape to an Internet accessible location. The pictures below are snapshots of our exit from Bville.

First I had to say goodbye to my co-workers. Nothing says goodbye better than the comfort of pizza!

The moving truck in front of our old home. This is the last picture we took of our house...makes me sad to think about it, so moving on.

Jesse and I at our hotel in Bville. Last picture in Oklahoma. Outside of Houston we stopped at this gas station that apparently is really popular and lots of people insisted that we stop there. My review: It's pretty neat, way more than just your average gas station. Not sure if I would drive out of my way to go to one though.

And finally the mover arrived to our new home/apartment. After three days of living out of suitcases and hotels I was glad to see them...and my bed.

Time to get back to unpacking, more updates to come.

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