Friday, July 12, 2013

Emerson Meets My Family

Emerson loved meeting more family over the Fourth of July holiday. I was curious to see how he would handle being around so many people at once and how he would interact with his little cousins, he did great! He loved all of the busyness of my family and he especially loved it when his cousins "played" with him.

There was so much excitement going on around him that he easily crashed for naps. Aunt Amy always swooped in when he was fast asleep to hold him.
Aunt Amy
Uncle Brent
His cousin, Nathan, was very fascinated with what Emerson was doing and was constantly asking if he needed a diaper change. He also loved helping Emerson at bath time, he was a good helper.

Wade wanted to hold Emerson anytime his brother asked to hold him. Before we knew it they would be arguing over who was going to hold him first.

Emerson wasn't always so sure about these other little people holding him. Wade didn't mind Emerson crying though, he was just happy to hold him.

Aunt Sarah
Uncle Trace
Lillian was of course old enough to hold him on her own, but even she said he was heavy.

Cousin Lillian
Lucas would come over and talk to Emerson, but he was a little less interested since E couldn't run around and play with him.

Jack was a little unsure of Emerson, especially when his mommy or daddy was holding E instead of him. He did pat him on the belly a few times, but that was as affectionate as he wanted to get. I have a feeling someday they will be good friends :)

Uncle Ty and Cousin Jack
All the cousins together with Grammy. Minus Jack, he was not there yet.


 Great Grandma Joyce

Great Granddad Ernest
Playing on the floor.

Even at age 90, Granddad Ernest can still get down and play.

Great Granddad Connie

I forgot to post this in my earlier Fourth of July post, but it was also Emerson's first time to splash around in a pool.

I think he liked it.

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  1. You did an amazing job getting a photo with every single person!!


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