Friday, July 19, 2013

Three Months Old: The Babbling Wiggle Worm

We have a very active three month old on our hands! Emerson does not stop moving his arms and legs, ever. He now has the new nickname of Wiggle Worm.

Even at night I can hear the swooshing of his little feet moving against the sheets in his pack n' play. But hey, he is asleep so I am happy about that, he can swoosh around all he wants.

He also loves to babble, but rarely to us. He and his good friend, Mr. Elephant (can you guess what kind of friend he is? Original name, I know.), love to talk to each other. Jesse and I are convinced they are scheming against us :)

He is most talkative first thing in the morning. He has blessed us by replacing crying with talking in the morning when he gets up. My new favorite alarm clock setting is listening to him be a little chatter box.

Covering up his sticker (for half the photo shoot), such an ornery little guy.

Here is a breakdown of his other activity this month:

Sleeping: For the most part he sleeps a good five hour stretch, wakes up around 2 or 3 in the morning and then sleeps until 5:30/6 a.m. and then continues to just talk to himself in his pack n' play for about 30 mins. He will officially get out of bed between 6 and 7 p.m. This month there has been a HUGE change in his sleep behavior and I feel like I am finally waking up rested. I never thought the day would come.

You know how people talk about how itty bitty they feel their baby looks in such a big crib? Well, I have never felt that way, this kid takes up almost the whole thing!

Eating: Last month he was all business, this month he likes to play more when he eats. This little change has now increased our feeding time by double. He is much more easily distracted these days. If Jesse walks in the room and is talking, he instantly has to look that direction. He will also look up at me and smile, it really is sweet. I try not to make eye contact, but I just can't help but look at him and smile back even if it means delaying feeding.

Activity: Interacting with people is his favorite activity. We learned from our trip on the fourth that he loves little kids, especially his cousins. They would sing and talk to Em and he would just smile and talk right back. I have also noticed that he has started to reach for things. He still doesn't quite have full arm control, but it is getting better. He found his toes the other morning and was playing with them, but that was only once, I haven't seen him do it again.
Doctor visit stats:
  • Weight:13 lbs 12 oz  as of 6-10-13.
  • Height: ??
  • Other: He didn't have a regular check up this month, but we had to go in on several different occasions. sigh. Anyway, they took his weight, but not height, so I have no clue on that, but my guess is that he has definitely grown.
Likes, dislikes and other milestones:
  • Hates his car seat! Tried several other options in hopes of finding a solution. UPDATE (from when I typed this at the beginning of the month): Thanks to many efforts, we have now graduated from "hate" to just "sort of dislike, sometimes happy." This is really a whole other be continued.
  • Has started smiling when I go to pick him up out of bed for the morning and of course is a little chatter box.
  • At nine weeks he slept his longest stretch at night, 8 hours. At 9.5 weeks he then set a new record and slept 10 hours! This has happened a hand full of times, but is not consistent.
  • Takes liquid meds/vitamins like a champ. Loves that sweet cherry flavor. Sweet tooth like his momma.
  • Loves the song Oklahoma and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • Has started to pucker his lower lip out and pout. Too cute.
  • In size two disposable diapers.
  • Wears mostly three month clothing, some 3-6. Brands make a huge difference.
  • Took his first long road trip to Grammy and Granddad's house (my parents) for the Fourth of July and met his Granddad and several aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time.
  • Eyelashes are growing longer.
  • Developed his first cough, but all better now.
  • Has found his hands! Prefers to suck on them rather than a paci, unfortunately he still trashes his hands about and it can make him upset when he moves them around and he wants to suck on something. Paci to the rescue, until he can figure out the whole hand control thing.
I promise this kid smiles (a lot), but it is just too hard to capture on camera at this stage I guess. That big black box is just not as exciting as mommas face.

Things to look forward to:
  • Vacation! We are going to Arizona for a family reunion.
  • Jesse and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. What should we do with the little man? Take him with us to dinner or attempt to find a babysitter? And at what age do you leave your kids with a babysitter anyway? All new territory for me.
I guess that is about it for this coming month. Until next time...







  1. Do you have baby pictures of you and Jesse to compare to these pics? I SEE JESSE in him so much, but I definitely have more experience looking at his face so I'm curious about what you think!!

    1. I definitely see Jesse in him, especially the older he gets, however there is something about his cheeks that remind me of my baby pictures. I will have to get some baby photos from my mom and your mom and compare.


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