Monday, July 1, 2013

REWIND: My Random Thoughts Pre Baby

As I was typing a new blog post I noticed there was one I never posted, then I looked at the date. I typed it on April 15, just a few days before I went to the hospital to deliver Emerson. I guess I had had typed it meaning to go back and edited/proof read, but then life happened and Emerson decided to arrive a little early.

I thought about just deleting it, but after a second thought, I decided I wanted to remember what was going through my head before he arrived so I am opting to go ahead and publish it so I have these memories to look back on.

Without further ado, here were my random thoughts before Emerson was born (along with my current thoughts):
  • Two more weeks until the due date, but I am ready for this baby to come out! (someone must have read my mind, haha).
  • I go back and forth on being excited and terrified about baby boy arriving. Mainly excited.(I was petrified in the hospital, but so happy once he arrived).
  • We had planned to go out to dinner with friends at Chuy's, but were so surprised when several of our other friends also came, a mini surprise party. They wrote funny sayings on diapers so that during mid-night changing sessions we would have something to laugh at. (I am not actually using these diapers, keeping them for memory sake).
  • Jesse and I went on our last big date night to a steakhouse place, Brenners. It was nice to get dressed up and have a nice dinner. (Since then we have been to a nice place with E in toe, maybe for our anniversary we can go out again, just the two of us).
  • I am very saddened by the Boston bombing. Makes me scared to bring a child into this world when stuff like that is going on. I guess I will just have to raise a very brave, strong Christian young man. (so many other sad things have happened since: West, Texas fire, Moore, Oklahoma tornado, several firefighters dying tragically in Houston...). 
  • Got a final pedicure a few weeks ago. The color came out more orange than pink, so not too happy about that, but at least I have pretty toes! (have had another pedicure sense E has arrived, I went with a safe bright pink color : ).
  • I have been saying "final" a lot : ) (now I am saying "hi" all the time to get E to smile).
  • I can't get enough fruit and cereal. (Still the case, guess it wasn't a pregnancy thing and just a Heather thing).
  • I am actually looking forward to working out again and am ready to loose this baby weight. I think it's because I am seeing so many cute bathing suits and people in Houston already have dark tans. (I have sort of started working out again and am trying to catch some sun when E naps, but still not confident in a bathing suit, maybe I'll be ready next summer). 
  • I started a photo book on Shutterfly. It's my first one so I am excited to play around with it and see how it turns out. (Still not finished!).
And there you have it, the final thoughts going on in my head before Emerson entered our world and turned it upside down. You don't want to know my daily thoughts now, they all revolve around E and I am pretty sure you would be bored to read about them.

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  1. Fun Post! How neat to see in black and white how your life has changed.


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