Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fourth Wedding Anniversary

According to my Facebook friends status updates, many were spending July 25 listening to Christmas music and thinking ahead about the holiday, but I spent the day hanging out with these two wonderful guys celebrating mine and Jesse's 4th wedding anniversary!

Continuing with our theme of anniversary gifts, Jesse got me Connect 4, a Fantastic 4 DVD and a TransFORmers DVD.

My gift to Jesse was not as exciting. He got a four pack of forks. Get it? FORks? The four pack was just a bonus.
...and he got a book. I love how Emerson's face is the exact opposite of Jesse's.

Happy four years, Jesse! You are my everything and I love you very much.


  1. He just can't bear the thought...

  2. That's fun! What Transformers DVD is that? Is that the old animated version? Say, why not a diamond ring, heh? Nothing says “Forever” better than diamonds ;)


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