Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth of July Festivities, 2013

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday! Ours was packed with action, as always.


We traveled to my parents house, which once again there were several new adventures for Emerson. It was his first long car ride ( 7 hours ), his first time to go to Grammy and Granddads house, his first time to go to a birthday party (for his cousin Jack who turned one), and his first time to meet TONS of family (Granddad Doug, Aunt Amy and Uncle Brent, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Trace, Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Ty, cousins Lillian, Lucas, Nathan, Wade and Jack, Great Uncle Gerry, Great Grandparent Connie, and Great Grandparents Joyce and Ernest). Whew, I think I got most everyone.

It was also of course Emersons first Fourth of July!

There were so many events we packed into this trip that I am going to have to do several posts on it. For now, enjoy a few pictures from our Fourth of July celebration.

Mom, dad, Emerson, Jesse and I spent the morning at the wildlife refuge and had lunch at Medicine Park.

On top of Mt. Scott.

Typical for Jesse to hold him this way, Emerson obviously loves it.
Emerson enjoyed his time with Grammy and Granddad.

At Heart Rock. Appropriate name I would say.
Emerson taking in the view.
You wouldn't believe it, but the weather was beautiful and actually cool enough to wear a light jacket. Very unusual for Oklahoma in July. We certainly did not complain.

Several hours were spent that evening popping fire crackers. I couldn't believe it, but Emerson slept through it all and even all night! This kid amazes me every day. Maybe next year he will be interested enough to stay up and watch a few, as long as they don't scare him. I was always a huge scaredy cat of fireworks. 

 I can't believe these kids were brave enough to light their own firecrackers, even if they were just smoke bombs :)

It wouldn't be the Fourth without sparklers.
  I am still not good at taking photos of fireworks, but oh well, I will just keep trying.

More posts to come on family and Jacks first birthday. 

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  1. Great pictures!! You are getting to be a wonderful photographer, and you have the best subjects to practice on :) My FAVORITE is the Jesse-holding-E-crazy one!!


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