Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fourth Wedding Anniversary

According to my Facebook friends status updates, many were spending July 25 listening to Christmas music and thinking ahead about the holiday, but I spent the day hanging out with these two wonderful guys celebrating mine and Jesse's 4th wedding anniversary!

Continuing with our theme of anniversary gifts, Jesse got me Connect 4, a Fantastic 4 DVD and a TransFORmers DVD.

My gift to Jesse was not as exciting. He got a four pack of forks. Get it? FORks? The four pack was just a bonus.
...and he got a book. I love how Emerson's face is the exact opposite of Jesse's.

Happy four years, Jesse! You are my everything and I love you very much.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Newborn Photo Shoot

Note: This post is just a tad overdue : )

I think I mentioned it before, but we had decided (before Emerson was born) to skip the whole professional photographer newborn photo shoot thing and do it ourselves.

Well, as a new mom, I would not recommend this. I was tired, baby was tired, I was emotional and I really had no clue what I was doing. I had prepared and practiced lighting shots prior to Emerson arriving, but it is totally different with a live, wiggly, crying an exhausted mom. 

Since I wasn't happy with my photo outcomes, we opted to go somewhere fast and "cheap" so we went to JCPenney to have them taken.

We did not have a very good experience with them for many reason that I won't go into. Unless JCPenney management is reading this and they want to know how they can better their services and they want to give me my money back, then I will happily list out my complaints. Worth a shot.

My favorite part was when the young (high school looking) photographer was telling ME how to calm my baby down. Hello, I am his mother, I know what I am doing here! A second close was when he told me he looked hungry and I should probably feed him. Umm no, he just ate and he is crying because he is a baby. I digress.

All that being said, here are a few of the pictures that turned out OK. Just OK.


Although I wasn't happy with the outcome, they were still better then the ones I took and I am glad I have "professional" photos of him as a newborn.
I should also note that he is technically one month old in these photos. Not fresh out of the oven, but a newborn nonetheless.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Three Months Old: The Babbling Wiggle Worm

We have a very active three month old on our hands! Emerson does not stop moving his arms and legs, ever. He now has the new nickname of Wiggle Worm.

Even at night I can hear the swooshing of his little feet moving against the sheets in his pack n' play. But hey, he is asleep so I am happy about that, he can swoosh around all he wants.

He also loves to babble, but rarely to us. He and his good friend, Mr. Elephant (can you guess what kind of friend he is? Original name, I know.), love to talk to each other. Jesse and I are convinced they are scheming against us :)

He is most talkative first thing in the morning. He has blessed us by replacing crying with talking in the morning when he gets up. My new favorite alarm clock setting is listening to him be a little chatter box.

Covering up his sticker (for half the photo shoot), such an ornery little guy.

Here is a breakdown of his other activity this month:

Sleeping: For the most part he sleeps a good five hour stretch, wakes up around 2 or 3 in the morning and then sleeps until 5:30/6 a.m. and then continues to just talk to himself in his pack n' play for about 30 mins. He will officially get out of bed between 6 and 7 p.m. This month there has been a HUGE change in his sleep behavior and I feel like I am finally waking up rested. I never thought the day would come.

You know how people talk about how itty bitty they feel their baby looks in such a big crib? Well, I have never felt that way, this kid takes up almost the whole thing!

Eating: Last month he was all business, this month he likes to play more when he eats. This little change has now increased our feeding time by double. He is much more easily distracted these days. If Jesse walks in the room and is talking, he instantly has to look that direction. He will also look up at me and smile, it really is sweet. I try not to make eye contact, but I just can't help but look at him and smile back even if it means delaying feeding.

Activity: Interacting with people is his favorite activity. We learned from our trip on the fourth that he loves little kids, especially his cousins. They would sing and talk to Em and he would just smile and talk right back. I have also noticed that he has started to reach for things. He still doesn't quite have full arm control, but it is getting better. He found his toes the other morning and was playing with them, but that was only once, I haven't seen him do it again.
Doctor visit stats:
  • Weight:13 lbs 12 oz  as of 6-10-13.
  • Height: ??
  • Other: He didn't have a regular check up this month, but we had to go in on several different occasions. sigh. Anyway, they took his weight, but not height, so I have no clue on that, but my guess is that he has definitely grown.
Likes, dislikes and other milestones:
  • Hates his car seat! Tried several other options in hopes of finding a solution. UPDATE (from when I typed this at the beginning of the month): Thanks to many efforts, we have now graduated from "hate" to just "sort of dislike, sometimes happy." This is really a whole other be continued.
  • Has started smiling when I go to pick him up out of bed for the morning and of course is a little chatter box.
  • At nine weeks he slept his longest stretch at night, 8 hours. At 9.5 weeks he then set a new record and slept 10 hours! This has happened a hand full of times, but is not consistent.
  • Takes liquid meds/vitamins like a champ. Loves that sweet cherry flavor. Sweet tooth like his momma.
  • Loves the song Oklahoma and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • Has started to pucker his lower lip out and pout. Too cute.
  • In size two disposable diapers.
  • Wears mostly three month clothing, some 3-6. Brands make a huge difference.
  • Took his first long road trip to Grammy and Granddad's house (my parents) for the Fourth of July and met his Granddad and several aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time.
  • Eyelashes are growing longer.
  • Developed his first cough, but all better now.
  • Has found his hands! Prefers to suck on them rather than a paci, unfortunately he still trashes his hands about and it can make him upset when he moves them around and he wants to suck on something. Paci to the rescue, until he can figure out the whole hand control thing.
I promise this kid smiles (a lot), but it is just too hard to capture on camera at this stage I guess. That big black box is just not as exciting as mommas face.

Things to look forward to:
  • Vacation! We are going to Arizona for a family reunion.
  • Jesse and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. What should we do with the little man? Take him with us to dinner or attempt to find a babysitter? And at what age do you leave your kids with a babysitter anyway? All new territory for me.
I guess that is about it for this coming month. Until next time...






Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jacks First Birthday

Emerson attended his first birthday party for his cousin, Jack, who turned one.

Here is the birthday boy with his mommy.

My SIL did an awesome job with the decorations and details. And my brother did a great job with the seafood boil, it was my first and it was delicious.

                                                                  Sweet treats! 

                                                                    Photo banner.

                                                           Goody bags for the kids.

                                                   Opening the blocks Emerson got Jack. 

                                                                Jack loved his cake!

                                         Emerson had too much birthday fun and crashed.
                                                          First birthday success!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Emerson Meets My Family

Emerson loved meeting more family over the Fourth of July holiday. I was curious to see how he would handle being around so many people at once and how he would interact with his little cousins, he did great! He loved all of the busyness of my family and he especially loved it when his cousins "played" with him.

There was so much excitement going on around him that he easily crashed for naps. Aunt Amy always swooped in when he was fast asleep to hold him.
Aunt Amy
Uncle Brent
His cousin, Nathan, was very fascinated with what Emerson was doing and was constantly asking if he needed a diaper change. He also loved helping Emerson at bath time, he was a good helper.

Wade wanted to hold Emerson anytime his brother asked to hold him. Before we knew it they would be arguing over who was going to hold him first.

Emerson wasn't always so sure about these other little people holding him. Wade didn't mind Emerson crying though, he was just happy to hold him.

Aunt Sarah
Uncle Trace
Lillian was of course old enough to hold him on her own, but even she said he was heavy.

Cousin Lillian
Lucas would come over and talk to Emerson, but he was a little less interested since E couldn't run around and play with him.

Jack was a little unsure of Emerson, especially when his mommy or daddy was holding E instead of him. He did pat him on the belly a few times, but that was as affectionate as he wanted to get. I have a feeling someday they will be good friends :)

Uncle Ty and Cousin Jack
All the cousins together with Grammy. Minus Jack, he was not there yet.


 Great Grandma Joyce

Great Granddad Ernest
Playing on the floor.

Even at age 90, Granddad Ernest can still get down and play.

Great Granddad Connie

I forgot to post this in my earlier Fourth of July post, but it was also Emerson's first time to splash around in a pool.

I think he liked it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth of July Festivities, 2013

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday! Ours was packed with action, as always.


We traveled to my parents house, which once again there were several new adventures for Emerson. It was his first long car ride ( 7 hours ), his first time to go to Grammy and Granddads house, his first time to go to a birthday party (for his cousin Jack who turned one), and his first time to meet TONS of family (Granddad Doug, Aunt Amy and Uncle Brent, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Trace, Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Ty, cousins Lillian, Lucas, Nathan, Wade and Jack, Great Uncle Gerry, Great Grandparent Connie, and Great Grandparents Joyce and Ernest). Whew, I think I got most everyone.

It was also of course Emersons first Fourth of July!

There were so many events we packed into this trip that I am going to have to do several posts on it. For now, enjoy a few pictures from our Fourth of July celebration.

Mom, dad, Emerson, Jesse and I spent the morning at the wildlife refuge and had lunch at Medicine Park.

On top of Mt. Scott.

Typical for Jesse to hold him this way, Emerson obviously loves it.
Emerson enjoyed his time with Grammy and Granddad.

At Heart Rock. Appropriate name I would say.
Emerson taking in the view.
You wouldn't believe it, but the weather was beautiful and actually cool enough to wear a light jacket. Very unusual for Oklahoma in July. We certainly did not complain.

Several hours were spent that evening popping fire crackers. I couldn't believe it, but Emerson slept through it all and even all night! This kid amazes me every day. Maybe next year he will be interested enough to stay up and watch a few, as long as they don't scare him. I was always a huge scaredy cat of fireworks. 

 I can't believe these kids were brave enough to light their own firecrackers, even if they were just smoke bombs :)

It wouldn't be the Fourth without sparklers.
  I am still not good at taking photos of fireworks, but oh well, I will just keep trying.

More posts to come on family and Jacks first birthday. 
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